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  • Bringing Your People To Life

    Each person has the potential to serve the village or the project by being the space through which their Archetypal Lineage does its work. Clearly, modern education has no idea how to prepare you for this. Neither can modern culture provide the tools, distinctions, and initiatory processes to bring your Archetypal Lineage to life.


    After four decades of research we have discovered that Archetypal Lineages exist as nearly unlimited external sources of inspiration and energy. We have also learned that Archetypal Lineages can be classified into 4 categories: Earth Guardians, Intimacy Navigators, Evolutionaries, and Gameworld Builders. You need all 4 lineages skilled-up and working productively together for your gameworld to thrive.


    We offer to provide a significant shift in your village like through providing a month-long live-in training program that includes four 5-day trainings.


    Each person has all four energies and intelligences to use in their daily life. Yet each person's Being seems to have a particular resonance to one or two lineages. This means not everyone would need to participate in all four trainings... but they could.

  • 4 Lineages

    Conscious Anger


    Use the intelligence and energy of archetypal anger to make clear distinctions and protective boundaries. Their warrioress and warrior energy comes directly from Gaia. Earth Guardians have learned to use anger to take a mighty stand for and against whatever is needed to serve the present and future of Earth and the gameworld. These are your Rangers, guarding the context of the gameworld. Their primary tool: the sword of clarity.

    Conscious Sadness


    Use the intelligence and energy of archetypal sadness to navigate the flows of life. Intimacy Navigators are the healers, nurturers, communicators, and lovers, caring for that which deeply connects us to each other, to what matters to us, and to archetypal Love itself. Their energy comes directly from the General Field of Consciousness. Their primary tool: listening and speaking from the heart.

    Conscious Fear


    Use the intelligence and energy of archetypal fear to pay attention to the finest details, to notice where reality cracks and how it can be repaired, or where reality ends and how it can be extended. Evolutionaries are the magicians, sorceresses, wizards, shamans, healers, researchers, change agents and edgeworkers, grounded each moment in the void of nothingness in which all possibilities are possible. Their primary tool: the wand of declaration that asserts, "Something completely different from this is possible right now."

    Conscious Joy


    Taking the bigger perspective and the practical overview, Gameworld Builders use the intelligence and energy of joy to flow power. With playful designs the gameworld thrives inside and interacts productively with other gameworlds by exchanging value. Gameworld Builders create opportunities for greatness to express itself in their teams. The King and Queen overview originates in taking radical responsibility for the whole, and gains legitimacy through confronting the four enemies of the path: fear, clarity, power, and old age.

  • Full Circle Program

    Four 5-Day Transformational Trainings During One Month

    20 to 80 Participants (minimum age 18 years)

    At Your Place or Ours (New Zealand or Mallorca)


    Earth Guardians


    Intimacy Navigators




    Gameworld Builders

  • In-Sights

    We have been developing the Full Circle Program for the past 10 years in a variety of gameworlds...

    Niederkaufungen Community

    Communicating Feelings Initiation

    Ecovillage Design Education

    One Team Initiation

    Fusion Festival

    Preparation for Dragon Speaking Initiation

    Democratic Voice of the Youth

    Nose Breaking Initiation


    Sword Attention Initiation

    Schloss Glarisegg

    Distilling Community Bright Principles Initiation


    Stellating Rage Initiation


    Box and Being Initiation

    Sieben Linden Community

    Starting Over Initiation

    Zegg Community

    Ouroboros Initiation

    Zegg Community

    Sword of Clarity Initiation

    Zegg Community

    Cooperative Anarchy Initiation

    Zegg Summer Camp

    'My Greatest Courage' Initiation

    GEN Conference - Ängsbacka

    Preparation for Possibility Speaking Initiation

    Map of Gameworld with 4 Lineages

    Clarity creates unquenchable inspiration.

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